Standard British required for all actors except

Paravicini who is Italian. Character descriptions.


Ages listed are playable ages, not actual ages.



  • Mollie Ralston: (mid 20s-30s) Recently married to
  • Giles. Together they have started a guesthouse. She is
  • determined to take the very best care of her guests,
  • she is obviously in over her head.



  • Giles Ralston: (mid 20s-30s) An arrogant, attractive
  • man married to Mollie. Fiercely protective of her but
  • prone to jealousy.



  • Christopher Wren: (mid 20s-30s). A wild-looking
  • neurotic young man with an appreciation for fine
  • furniture.



  • Mrs. Boyle: (40s-60s). A mature and imposing
  • woman in a bad temper.



  • Major Metcalf: (40-55). A middle-aged, square-
  • shouldered man military in manner and bearing.



  • Miss Casewell: (20s-30s). A strange, aloof woman
  • who is masculine in appearance and voice.



  • Mr. Paravicini: (40+). A continental gentlemen,
  • probably Italian with a small flamboyant mustache.
  • Roguish, charming and very mysterious.



  • Detective Sergeant Trotter: (20s-30s). A
  • professional and determined young detective from
  • Scotland Yard. He is meticulous as well as courteous
  • in his investigation.